I’m Way Dumber Than A Fifth Grader

For months I have been teaching my students their states and capitals, as well as their location on a map. Every morning I would play the song for them in order for them to memorize. As time went on the kids said they already knew it. I told them that I noticed a few students did not yet know them, and by few, I meant me.

Finally, I learned them all and it was time for me to create an activity. Well, one of the questions I had come up with was causing me some confusion. As much as I tried to sing the song in my head to try and remember this one “capital”, I simply couldn’t remember it. I decided to ask a student to help me and this is why I’m fired.

Me: Do you know what the capital of Chicago is?

Student: (looks at me like one would look at a bus driver if they asked where the brakes were) Chicago is a city in in Illinois and Springfield is the capital of Illinois.

Me: Gotcha! I thought I could trick you!

Student: (“no you didn’t” look, shakes their head and turns away in disgust)

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