Simple Pleasures

I love 90 Fiancee Happily Ever After? It is one of my favorite shows because I’ve watched it for years and feel a connection to some of these assholes. For instance, Yara and Jovi- she’s from the Ukraine and he’s from the Bayou. Watching the two of them evolve as a couple and now as parents- well, they’ve become like family. Asuelo and Kalani who are finally on the right track or were prior, to the pre Christmas celebrations with his meddling mother/sister duo. Ronald and Tiffany- I mostly enjoy when they’re on because I just love her make-up and when she constantly reminds Ronald what a loser he is. In short, this show is like being a fly on each of their walls.

Anywho, I’d been trying to watch all of the couples via TLC Go, but each episode is 1 hour and 24 minutes- and there’s eleven episodes, plus the “tell all”. Just trying to stay up to finish at least two episodes, with no way to fast forward… well, it has been pure torture.

So, I broke down and behind hubby’s back tried to buy Discovery + without the ads. Naturally, he immediately got a notification of my insubordination and I had to not only defend this new app, but HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and Apple TV! As if I could explain to Ricky the importance of what each App means to me.

Needless to say, I was able to finish the entire Season in no time and I shall never be subjected to commercials again!

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