Voles My Ass

So remember when I told you that hubby likes to feed the animals? To recap, he used to sit in the garage and had all sorts of wildlife come up to him to have “bird food.” You heard me, he would feed all the animals in the area, all day long; things like squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, birds and rats.

Now that we’re all caught up, the situation that has become my nightmare for the past 9 months is finally, poo poo poo, over.

The day we had our air ducts cleaned, I knew the men forgot something. I knew because my kitchen still stunk to high hell – the most disgusting smell; and according to the men, it might take a week for the entire smell to go away.

All week I said to hubby, “there is still something in these vents!!” and all week he told me, “I don’t smell anything and you’re just imagining it.”

Well, the week and some days passed and I told him I was finished. I’m done. I cannot live here any longer, get the men to clean and get the exterminators!

The exterminators found one behind the dryer. The duct cleaners found one in the kitchen duct right where I said.

If hubby so much as drops a poppy seed on the garage floor, he’s dead.

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mom of 3
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