In My Defense

It’s been years since I’ve ordered school pictures of my children who forget how to smile on picture day. So I thought to myself, this year I’ll only order two 5x7s, and if they screw them up, not much harm could be done.

While checking out of the online form for each of their schools, I came to the part where one could choose the color background. Now, I’ve never ordered a different colored background before- although I have seen other parents shell out the bigger bucks to do so. I figured, if I’m only getting two pictures of each of my kids, I guess I could possibly choose a colored background. In fact, with further thought I figured that they may even look better with red, so I ordered it.

Had I known that each of my children would have the mid-fart look on their faces… I’d have stuck with grey.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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