Grey, Grey, Grey, Red.

My eldest despises me. Whether I ask her how her day was, offer to make x for dinner or take her out… she looks at me with daggers.

Not too long ago, she could stand me. Somewhere between the beginning of school and now, something must have happend to trigger such venom towards me.

Wondering and wondering what I did to piss her off, like… did I nose breathe near her? Perhaps stood in her presence and chewed too loudly? Did I smile at her when I wasn’t supposed to?

To no avail, I’ve just tried to only speak when spoken to, I don’t look her in the eye and have not even commented on the untouched lunches.

This evening, I made dinner for the first time in months- lest we forget, I am going through chemo. I called my family to the table and took my seat, next to her.

Somewhere during “why do you take so much applesauce for one latke?” and “eww mother!” Hubby said… “you shouldn’t leave pictures on the counter; they’ll get ruined.”

With that, my eldest turns in my direction and says, “next time, don’t order me a different background! Mine is RED and when they flash my picture up on the screen in front of everyone in every one of my classes, everyone looks at me funny like I’m a loser!”

Case dismissed.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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