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The List

Here are just a few things that bother me, that I will get off my chest before Midnight. People who wear masks below their noses Coupon clippers who hold up the line Phone talkers in small public spaces Anyone who … Continue reading

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Yeah Bitch, I’m Sure

Today I went shmying around my favorite store. I was on the lookout for that huge mirrored Buddha that I foolishly didn’t purchase but instead purchased the basics: floor cleaner, broom set, hangers, candle, laundry basket and lazy Susan. What’s … Continue reading

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I Did?

The other evening I played Mahjongg with my mavens and returned home around 10pm. I had not seen my middle child before I left so I texted her to see if she wanted to come in and hang out. To … Continue reading

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I Think I Hate You

There are times that I look at hubby and know that I am angry at him but can’t remember why. When these times happen… and they’re plentiful, I try to remember what it is that he obviously did… fail at … Continue reading

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I’m sure I must have mentioned this before but my memory isn’t what it used to be. I forget things that just happened, I put my milk in the cabinet and my phone in the fridge… you know, things like … Continue reading

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Whoops, I did it Again

Last night it was a full house… I mean, full bed. I had my crying child on my right and my sleeping son on my left- hubby to his left. Anyhow, while I was trying to comfort my middle child, … Continue reading

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In the summertime my middle child’s headboard came off her bed; it was slightly too small and for whatever reason, it broke. For weeks on and off she would ask me when I was going to replace it, and then … Continue reading

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So, we’re still having a situation over here and our on-call therapists have been making the calls…non-stop. So much so, that this evening when my child called me downstairs for a moment to say hello to Dr. Drain My Funds, … Continue reading

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But 1+1 Can’t be 2!

My child’s school is working with us to find a way to get my middle back into classes. Around Thanksgiving break, she began to suffer from multiple panic attacks and is once again becoming agoraphobic. Now, according to our very … Continue reading

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“Please, For The Love of GD, Stop Talking!”

If you are not familiar with Mainline Divorce attorneys or their fees, then I’ll give you an idea… “that will be $700 for that pack of gum, please.” That’s right, everything is Wheel of Fortune priced and the lawyers are … Continue reading

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