My daughter takes piano lessons from a former parent; I had his daughter in fourth. Anyhow, towards the end of the summer, the parents were walking in our neighborhood and stopped by for a quick hello. They showed me pictures of their now, twenty seven year old daughter- the one I had when she was ten.

In any event, since it is Thanksgiving weekend, she and her fiancee were in town and the father asked if she could see me. Since my eldest had lessons today, I said I would stop in when I picked her up.

*Put a pin in it.

While getting dressed to get her, I was talking to a friend about how I was going to soon see a student that I’d had seventeen years ago.

Friend: See, she remembered you because you made an impression on her!

Me: No, she had just moved from Israel and I was her first teacher in the USA.

Friend: That’s not why she remembers you; I don’t remember my first teacher… You made an impact on her life and she remembers you!

*Pin out

When I went inside to where my child was playing a piece for her upcoming recital, I looked to my left and saw the face that I remember- now all grown up and engaged.

After our hug, she said this…

Student: I’m sure you don’t remember me since you have had a lot of students, but I have to tell you that you made such an impression on me and helped me so much. I was new to this country, I didn’t speak any english and you were there to help me, you spoke Hebrew to me and were the one to introduce me to friends. You taught me English and I was so scared but when you first spoke to me, I felt so much better. I’ll never forget that and how often I think of you, whenever I come back home.

It was great to see her after all these years and I had remembered her- because all of my students made impressions on me.

Anyhow, I wish her words could have been recorded but as her fiancee said, “as long as you heard it, that’s what matters.”

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