Talk Turkey To Me

Gone are the days of Covid, for the most part. Families are no longer secluded in isolation and Zooming during the holidays. Unless you’re Jewish, Thanksgiving might possibly be the first time you’ll sit down together at a table as one big family.

And while we all reunite inside, what things or traditions, will look different? For instance, are we still hugging and kissing? Will we be sitting shoulder to shoulder and speaking? Call me paranoid but the last I recall, we were told to remain six feet apart in a mask for the tiny particles that could escape- and now you want me to sit next to Simon Spitsalnite, who only speaks with words beginning with the letter “H” ?

It’s not as if November is the same as June…. we’re already ankle deep in flu season so forgive me for having some reservations.

One of the new traditions that I’d love to incorporate is staying in my jammies. The thought of dressing AND going out when it looks like midnight is just no bueno.

Additionally, I’d really love to just stop with the dreaded let’s go around the table and all say what we’re thankful for, because it’s the same bullshit everyone else is thankful for too. Must we hear: family, children, health… okay, or home and job? In fact, it would be a lot more enjoyable if we went around saying something we weren’t so happy about. Or better yet, say something we know someone else isn’t happy about!

Alas, all I’m saying is, perhaps its time to create some new holiday traditions.

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