The other day at work, there was a buzzing sound emanating from the clock on the wall. After about ten minutes of trying to ignore the sound- I realized it would not miraculously end on its own, and called in my manager.

Manager: (listening) Ahh, yes; this happened last year in this office.

Me: Well, I sure hope you can stop it.

Manager: (looking) It’s coming from the clock on the wall; let me see what I can do since it’s connected to some sort of GPS system.

Me: Why don’t you just disconnect what you can for now? Besides, we all have clocks on our devices.

Person 1: We have another appointment at 9:15 am.

Me: Don’t worry; we’ll make it.

So, he left to take care of business and I resumed the meeting I’d been trying to conduct.

Needless to say, my colleagues and I were late for our next appointment.

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