What More Do You Need?!

A few days ago I received a bill from FXCH- they said I owed money. Being somewhat tech savvy, I tried to navigate through my fourth portal and pay the bill. However, due to some cookie issue, I was unable to get to the needed screen.

I tried again while at work, thinking a different network and browser may have some results- but to no avail.

So, after two days of trying, I decided to call the 800 number the next business day to pay.

FC: Hello, may I have your account number?

Me: 111111

FC: And the name on the account?

Me: Rochelle Rochelle

FC: Are you the account holder?

Me: Yes

FC: And the address?

Me: bla bla bla

FC: And the number associated with the account?

Me: Are you kidding me??? I am trying to pay a delinquent bill and you don’t have enough information from me so I can just pay??

FC: Ma’am, I’m sorry but it’s our policy; I’m trying to help you.

Me: And I am trying to pay my late bill! I’ve given you everything but my white blood count, so either you take my credit card so I can pay, or you can give me your supervisor, so that I can pay already!

FC: When you’re ready, I’ll take the number of the credit card.

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