Muriel’s Wedding

My work wife got married yesterday.

When we were having lunch the day after she met him, I knew he was the one because she was moving from the city and he lived in the city.

Anyway, they finally had their fairytale wedding; the wedding I’d heard about for years.

They both looked amazing- dressed up, tanned, glowing.

I had taken a half a day off from work to prepare for the afternoon affair, straightening my hair, putting on my stale makeup. In fact, it took almost as long for me to get ready, as I was there, in attendance.

Seeing everybody dressed up, sitting close to each other post Covid as life continues, I realized then and there just how much my life has veered off course.

The wedding that I was so excited for, I couldn’t wait for, made me realize just how fucked my life has become. For one, I couldn’t eat anything because even water causes me to have horrific d. Plus, I am now subjected to a BRAT diet and when I finally was shown a baby bun- which was adorable btw, it was too late. I had not eaten anything from 1pm on because I can not use a bathroom other than my own and I was now nauseated.

Next, it hurts to stand fully upright because of the cramps in my core, so I walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame; dancing was obviously out.

Unable to physically wait to see the room where she’d dance, the flowers, nor hear the band, I told hubby it was time.

So, the day I was eagerly waiting for, where I got to see my friends get married, was over before it began.

Just like my life.

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