Ginger Ale

My friend suggested drinking Ginger Ale for my issues. I associate the soft drink with Sundays at my dad’s apartment, when I’d have a Thomas English Muffin along with it, so I was needless to say, skeptical.

Since I was filling an Instacart, I decided to get two bottles- which in hindsight, was a smart choice.

Now, while I was sick in bed, my sister was in the kitchen, rearranging my cluttered cabinets. Everybody feels the need to help, so that’s what she chose- along with doing my dishes, again.

Shortly after my sister left, enter bubbie.

Bubbie: What can I get you to drink?

Me; I guess the Ginger Ale.

Bubbie: Not the Gatorade? You need to keep up with the electrolytes.

Me: (Kidding- as she forgot that I did, I said) I don’t care; I’ll have Gatorale.

Moments later, my mother comes upstairs with my beverage and then heads back to the kitchen.

Me: (Spitting out the disgusting drink; yelling downstairs) Ewww! You mixed it!

Bubbie: (Back upstairs) What?? You said Gatorale!

Me: I was kidding! When on earth would that ever be a good mix?!

Bubbie: Fine Rochelle!

Moments later, she is back upstairs.

Me: (Noticing the cup of choice, I immediately remembered my sister did a Sleeping with the Enemy cabinet clean up, and said) That’s poppop’s glass!

Bubbie: How do you know?

Me: Because it was in a separate cabinet!

Bubbie: It was with your other glasses!

Me: No, it was in a different cabinet until sister decided to move it!

Bubbie: It’s been washed hundreds of times!

Me: It was washed once and then put away forever.

Bubbie: And you can’t drink from it?


Bubbie: You know, I am 73 years old and…

Me: …Healthy! You’re healthy!

Bubbie: Yes, and thank goodness I am! I am able to help you!

So, she goes downstairs to get yet another cup of the drink that I should have now drank, twenty minutes prior.

Needless to say, plain club soda is better IMO and that’s good because my mother used up the entire 2 liters finding the right cup.

The middle cup is filled with pretzels.

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