Don’t Tell Sandy

The other morning, I arrived at my spa when another patron was already there, sitting in her robe and watching Tiny Houses.

Again, not being one for small talk prior to 12 PM, I simply nodded and sat staring down at the clean tile.

Woman: Good morning.

Me: (grunt hello)

Woman: What time is your appointment?

Me: (looking at my watch and seeing its 7:15 AM) 7 AM, you?

Woman: 7:15 AM

Me: hmm.

Woman: Did you have a lumpectomy?

Me: I don’t have breast cancer, do you?

Woman: Yes, but they caught it early so all I need is radiation.

(Sandy walks past to the lockers)

Me: Good Morning Sandy!

Woman: Good Morning.

Sandy: Good morning ladies.

Me: So you caught it early and you’re only having radiation?

Woman: Yes, the doctor said I didn’t need anything else.

Me: Are you kidding?! Cut them off and move on!

Woman: My doctor said because I’m still young…

Me: You have a chance of not having it come back and spread, and you’re gonna keep them?

Woman: Maybe I should talk to my doctor again about it.

Me: Well, whatever you do, don’t tell Sandy!

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