The New York Post

There was no rain. I was told the evening prior to the doctor’s that there would be so much rain that my sister would need to drive us into the city since only she is capable. And while there was a bit of drizzle where I was this AM, my friend calmed me down when she read that rain was a sign of good luck.

Regardless… no rain, no trial- just chemo.

Really Rochelle?

Well… kinda. You see, it all comes down to the same liquid biopsy that I mentioned previously. If there is a resistance strain/mutation, than there is promise of a new drug.

Unfortunately, in June I’d had another liquid biopsy and it didn’t show anything, so the likelihood is slim to none. However, the only thing in my favor is that the test was reviewed by a different company.

In the meantime, it’s “a go” for chemo which will be once every three weeks. I should not have the standard fatigue, hair loss nor weight loss. Once again, the only one who will be eating chips during my two hour drip.

Additionally, according to the good doctor, I could do very well on chemo for years.



So… the takeaways are:

FC is a dump with a shitty outlook

MSK is beautiful with nothing but sunshine and rainbows

No matter what, I’ll always be fat.

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2 Responses to The New York Post

  1. Meg says:

    Omg rachel I called all night!! I finally read it here. Lol


  2. Meredith Holstein says:

    I love you!!!!!❤️


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