I woke up this morning to my mother in my kitchen making breakfast and lunch for my still sleeping high schooler.

Say whaaa?

Yesterday on the car ride to the big city, the agenda on hand was my parenting. How all I do is yell at the kids to wake up, clean up, do this, do that… and of course, yell at them to go to sleep.

Now, I’ve survived many a thing in recent past but there is nothing like a full on sister, mother, hubby bashing of me, mommy dearest.

In my defense, I was an old lady when I began having children- let alone three….back to back. I am still trying to catch up on missed sleep… when I can.

Besides, I have woken up with my eldest to make her lunch and see her on the bus- but I took off one week. Additionally, I only took off one week since I had pre-made my eldest’s lunch the evening before- which she did not eat since it was apparently soggy- and then decided, she’s capable.

Anyhow, all I heard was “Rochelle, I sang you to sleep; Rochelle, I sang you awake! I stood at the bus with you- I never let my children stand alone in the dark…and I always made you breakfast and said, ‘have a good day!'” And somewhere in the middle of the berating, my mother mentioned she’ll be coming every morning at 6:00 AM to do what I have not- so that I could sleep.

Well…She came as she promised. She began making lunches and breakfasts… while the TV was blasting at hearing impaired level and kept banging my front door shut to no avail, until I was finally up to say, “lift the handle.”

That’s why it is 1987… cause I recall waking up to loud TV and banging.

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