Hold Everything!

This evening, we heard from the great Dr. Georgetown. Just his calming voice is enough to cure all my ailments.

According to him, it is quite possible yet another mutation has developed since June- which could be causing a resistance to the treatment. Somehow, my cancer is finding ways around the targeted therapy and that is the problem. Therefore, tomorrow I will get my third liquid biopsy (three times a charm!) and pray for another mutation.

If there is another mutation, then another Ros-1 drug can be prescribed. For instance, it is possible that I will in fact qualify for the trial I’ve been literally dying to get into – and within 10 days I will find out after sending my scans to Turning Point -the company in charge of the trial. If I qualify, then I will likely choose Georgetown since he’s wonderful.

On Tuesday, I will meet with Dr. Georgetown’s Podcast buddy and Global Investigator for the Ros-1 trials, Dr. Dre from MSK to discuss the same trial as well as two others. However, according to G, it all comes down to the biopsy. If there is no known mutation then NOTHING, fine, no targeted therapy will do Jack F. Shit for me and it is onto chemo.

The takeaways: if my shit is resistant for no good G.D. reason, then what happens should chemo fail?

So, pray for the mutations and a miracle.

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