The Big Apple

Every time chemo comes up, there is a mad rush for a last minute hail Mary.

Since it feels like I see or speak with a doctor on a daily basis, I cannot say for sure if it was last week or this week where my doctor mentioned chemo. I’m gonna go with last week… my doctor informed me that since the medication was only working in my brain, it was time to add chemo to the cocktail.

Knowing somehow the evening before the appointment, hubby mentioned while on Facetime that there was this trial up in New York.

Since it is barely out of the rat stage, she felt that either way would be okay to go. In fact, when I asked her if she thought I should do the trial or chemo she said, “well, it’s six in one, half dozen in the other.”

Well, hubby looked into a trial, spoke to the investigator and submitted all of my paperwork. Today, he got the call and next week it is off to the Big Apple.

Now, I don’t know anything about this trial at all- and only know of MSK from my friend/cancer buddy who traveled there for two years (or was it five?) before she died. What I do know is this: I would be something like patient one which means I am one step above that of a rat. …Perhaps I am not patient one…. I could be patient twelve for all I know but anything under 100 is like taking your child to a crack house and asking the first person you see to watch your bebe.

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