I’ve Seen Too Much

I had my MRI Friday afternoon and I knew I’d be receiving my results via MyChart at some point. Well, this evening I got the “ding”.

No good has ever come from my opening that Pandora’s Box- never.

I was not planning on reading my MRI results; I just wanted to see if that is what the alert was for.

Unfortunately for me, I noticed my labs also came back. Figuring they can do no harm since I’m not a phlebotomist, all I did was scroll… until I stopped.

Apparently, I have some of those “red” flags before my bloodwork- and I’m aware of what the hell those things mean since I’ve seen them in the past.

Well, I will be waiting til Wednesday afternoon to talk to the doctors, but I have that sick pit in my stomach of this train being re-routed.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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