Unknown Caller

For a brief while, I was reluctantly answering unknown calls on my cell because I was awaiting calls from nurses and schedulers. After I realized that I cannot manage my own appointments since they ask too much of me, like taking down the information they would give me, I put my mother in charge.

Now, some of the medical calls have subsided and for the most part, we’ll recognize a hospital number if a call should pop up on the screen.

The other afternoon, an unknown call was coming in on my mother’s phone. Since I was able to tell it was spam, I tried to decline the call. In the meantime, my mother answered the call and this is what ensued…

Mother: Hello?…Hello?

Bombay: Hello is this Archoosh Shooorsoosh?

Me: (to mom) Hang up! It’s a telemarketer!

Mother: (sh to Rochelle) Who do you want?

Bombay: Mumble, jumble, jumble, mumble.

Me: (trying to press “end call”)Just hang up already! It’s nobody!

Mother: Would you let me hear what they want!

Me: They don’t want anything other than to sell you something!

Bombay: (proceeds to say something about something)

Mother: ….And what do you want?

Me: (pressing the screen to no avail) HANG UP! HANG UP ALREADY!!!!

Mother: Would you just let me find out, for crying out loud you’re yelling at me!

Me: (Finally she hangs up after repeated attempts at ending the call on a screen that is not touch screen) You don’t answer the phone for unknown calls!

Mother: It could have been a referral for a client….

Me: He was in India!

So, needless to say, after an enjoyable car ride to the cancer center, I think she learned to not answer those calls.

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