Rain Man

One of the side effects of either brain radiation or my medicine, is short term memory loss (or word recall). Additionally, I can no longer multi-task in most situations. For example, if I am on the phone with a friend, gone are the days where I can simultaneously converse to my children. If someone is talking to me and then someone else walks by humming ever so softly, my mind drifts with them. If I’m carrying a few things in my hand and have to reach into my bag for something else whilst walking, then I have to stop walking to focus. The list goes on but of course, I forget.

The other day while at work, I received a text from mother/hubby. Since I failed to remember to bring home two CDs from the hospital last week, hubby said he was going to go and get them. The key thing I missed, was that it was that day he was planning to drive the forty plus minutes and it was my duty to call ahead of time and ask for two CDs. Unfortunately for him, I thought he was telling me what he would do “soon,” and not “today,” and when I finally called for the CD, I failed to remember to ask for two. Needless to say, I cannot work and manage my texts.

Fast forward to today’s MRI.

I brought the one CD from the hospital hubby went to and was to give it to doctor #2 to upload and then get back for doctor #4. Additionally, I had to ask the MRI tech for two CDs of that.

Person 1: Rochelle Rochelle?

Me: That’s me.

Mother: Make sure to ask for two CDs! Don’t forget the two CDs.

Me: Got it; 2 CDs.

Person 1: Can you verify your DOB?

Me: (two CDs) 2.2.80. Can I get two CDs of my test?

Person 1: You’ll have to tell your tech.

Me: (looking on him for a pen) Okay.

Person 1: You have to take everything off for the test you’re getting. Here is a pair of underwear, socks and the robe. The robe goes on open in the front and then your one arm goes through the hole. When you’re done, put your things in the locker and have a seat.

Me: (Two CDs, Two CDs Two CDs)(What do I take off? The gown…?)

For the next 1 hour and 32 minutes, I sat in a waiting room reminiscence of a scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, listening to four episodes of the fixer upper and an two simultaneous conversations- one of them being in Spanish. Lastly, two other women were listening to James Brown on headphones at 200 decibels.

Meanwhile, I am trying to remember I needed to ask for Two Cds but during one of the episodes where they were putting in a center beam on a ceiling that was being raised, I started to forget that I had to ask something.

Person 2: Rochelle Rochelle?

Me: Finally! I’ve been waiting so long! I am going to need two Cds of my test.

Person 2: I am just the nurse; you’ll have to ask the tech.

Me: Can you verify your full name and DOB?

Twenty-five minutes later…

Person 3: Rochelle Rochelle?

Me: That’s me!

Person 3: Can you tell me your name and DOB?

Me: Are you the tech?

Person 3: Yes, I’ll be doing your MRI.

Me: I need two CDs of the test.

Person 3: We can only give you one.

Me: (Shit. Hubby and Mother will kill me) I was told I could have two.

Person 3: Nope, we can only do one.

Me: I need Two CDs. I was told I could have two. I’ve waited since 3pm and its 4:32pm and I need two CDs for my doctors.

Person 3: Fine. But you’ll have to keep it between you and me; I’m told we can only give one.

So, I do the MRI… forty minutes trying to stay awake and not jerk my body, plus remember to ask for the fucking CDs- since I’ve forgotten to take the CDs upon dismissal!

Me: Can I have the 2 CDs now?

Person 3: It will take 10-15 minutes; I’ll bring them to you after you change.

So, I go change, chanting once again to “get the CDs” and head to the lobby where mother was patiently waiting.

Mother: Where are the CDs?

Needless to say, we really only needed just the one CD… for I forgot I am no longer seeing doctor #3!

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