What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

I have been green with envy over another woman’s good fortune after only a few minutes in the hood. And I know that every person has their own circumstances for what they would and would not do if ever a time came where they needed the help of others. But there is a need from the community and then there is a want.

I can understand needing the financial compassion of others due to bills piling up from not being able to work while being treated. Also, I could understand wanting to have been able to work to pay for college and knowing that the only way that may be possible is to ask for a GoFundMe. What I cannot wrap my head around, is when one says they live check to check but they’re asking for $$,$$$ for a Kid Cave. Say what? Surely you meant to write college fund, right?

Add to the fact that recently I heard the funds that were needed to build said Cave were donated in full… so now that money, has become liveable money.

As if this extraordinary fund isn’t enough, meals have been round the clock in addition to $,$$$ in gift cards.

So yeah, considering we both sick, we both got kids… no shit I’m envious. I’m envious that the community is constantly rallying others to remember her.

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