It Takes A Village

All I can say is thank G I have competent family members who can help me just be sick. Meaning… my mother handles all the appointment scheduling, maintains the medical records and notes, drives me to and fro appointments and reminds me what’s what. If I had to deal with the automated call technicians with, “press 1 to leave a message in the general mailbox… press 2….,” and make the appointment… well, I’d be incapable.

Hubby. Blind hubby. He drives forty-five minutes every eight weeks to pick up the forgotten discs he’s reminded me numerous times to retrieve. He helps to process the minutia and verbal sewage that has become my life. With his knowledge of patient advocacy, he lets me know what to do at every crossroad.

And then there’s my role in all of this…. to forget each and every instruction one of them gives me and then blame it on my illness.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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