Truth Serum

My legs have been killing me. Really, it’s just my right leg (as always) and it feels like sciatica. For all I know, it could be that… but given the fact that my innards are at a Defcon 5, its more likely the cancer.

Remembering that my spine radiologist gave me a script back in June for a “joint” reliever, I decided to try it. It worked for a day, but I needed to take it again and by that time, the pain was too much and the medicine wasn’t working.

Knowing I had some special medicine both in cream and pill form- next to me in my night table, I decided to try two squirts of the medicinal lotion. While there was a minty aroma which did tingle, the cream was also not working. Now, I could have scooted on my backside off my bed and down the stairs to get Advil, but how would I get back up? After all, both hubby and my eldest were out of the house, my middle child wasn’t moving from the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and my youngest- well, he finds it funny when I ask him to get something and then pretends he can’t find it. So… there.

Reaching back into my bedside table, I took a pill from the next medicine, as the pain was now reminiscence of post radiation (the pull/burn sensation).

Here’s what happened next, I was laying in bed perfectly fine, when my friend Face Time’s me.

Friend: Hi, how do you feel? Did the medicine work?

Me: I am still feeling the pain so I am not sure.

Friend: Really?

Me: (All the sudden, since I am now more up… it hits me) Yep, it didn’t work.

Friend: Hmm. Remember the dress I ordered for x’s Bar Mitzvah?

Me: (I can’t stop laughing at the thought ) The witch’s dress?

Friend: What?! I thought you liked it!

Me: (Uncontrollably lost it) It’s horrible

Friend: Great! Now, I’ll have to get another one! Why did you say you liked it?

Me: I do like it… I’m sorry

Friend: It will look great with …

Me: I lied, it’s horrible.

…Needless to say, I’ll be asking my doctors at my appointments next week to just give me something stronger.

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