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“Things You Should NOT Say” for $1000

You look fine to me. You look great. You look good. I’ve got a… but it’s nothing like what you have. I can’t complain to you. Anything else going on? Is there anything I can do? Can I…. for you? … Continue reading

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“Things You Can Say,” for $500

Cancer looks good on you. You look tired, is the cancer getting you down? Radiation, Chemo, Work… you’re under-doing it. I see you’re limping, your life is getting shittier by the step. I know you don’t want anything, but nothing … Continue reading

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Laisse-Moi Tranquille

I don’t feel like talking. I don’t even feel like typing and hearing my own thoughts as I make certain not to misspell. I do not feel like talking. I talk all day. I get home and my children then … Continue reading

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Today I met a woman I’ve seen at the same spa, for days. I am not a morning person but when you’re the sole two people in the basement of a building… it’s inevitable that we’d speak. Sandy: Do you … Continue reading

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Well, no mutations. I wasn’t expecting any once I heard from Dr. D at MSK that it would be unlikely. So, it’s fine… I’ll just do chemo. To dummy it down it’s like this: Well, I was gonna drive the … Continue reading

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Sweet Caroline

This morning I went to my gym. That’s right, I walked right into the locker rooms, took my key and then went to change into my robe. I call it that because it’s more of a microfiber and therefore, quite … Continue reading

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Fatty McFattson

While going over my medical history for the gazillionth time… Dr. F: So Rochelle, how are you feeling in general? Me: Oh you mean other than the cancer? Dr. F: (nods) Me: (thinking) Hubby: She has some anxiety and depression … Continue reading

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Good Night!

I did sing my children to sleep last night and it took me twice the amount it used to take. Why? Kinda hard to sing when your disease (or is it the weight that hubby mentioned to my doctor yesterday?) … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning to my mother in my kitchen making breakfast and lunch for my still sleeping high schooler. Say whaaa? Yesterday on the car ride to the big city, the agenda on hand was my parenting. How … Continue reading

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The New York Post

There was no rain. I was told the evening prior to the doctor’s that there would be so much rain that my sister would need to drive us into the city since only she is capable. And while there was … Continue reading