This evening, I noticed an unusual bag of candy on the kitchen counter. Intrigued, I casually walked over to the bag and found they were some exotic form of Skittles (or just not the normal flavor). Since I have no problem eating candy at my enlarged weight, I opened the bag and downed several palmfuls. When I was finished, I placed the remaining Skittles in a fresh ziplock, tossed them back onto the counter and sat down at the table with my daughter.

Next, hubby sees the bag of Skittles now residing in the clear bag, proceeds to eat a few handfuls and then tosses the bag back onto the counter.

Meanwhile, my middle child who’d been sitting at the table with me says, “Wow, you and dad just went over to the candy, my candy, and just ate it without wondering where it came from? Really?”

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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