Excuse me, Idiots

Well, my cancer cards arrived last evening and I had them packed and ready for work! Unfortunately for me, I had just taken my cross bag off when I was on my way to a meeting.

Upon the way, I noticed a colleague- the same colleague I had just been emailing a clarification regarding scheduling.

*Put a pin in it.

(Sophia) Picture it, it was Sicily 1950…. Imagine you worked with someone who was in a wheelchair. Now, that person is extremely capable to do their main task: computer programming. Part of a computer programmer’s job is to plug in the cords for the other programmers. One place to plug in the cords is down the hallway, around the corner. The other place to plug in the cords is directly across from the wheelchair bound programmer. The head computer person wants Mr. Wheelchair to plug in the computers all the way down the hall and around the corner on the opposite side of the building.

As a human being- would you think it considerate? Would you, as the head computer person creating the task- assign Mr. Wheelchair to the furthest location?

Now imagine Mr. Wheelchair is now Dying Debbie. She is frail, bald and greenish from the chemo- would you assign her to plug in the cords down the hallway?

*Take out the pin.

Me: Good Morning Sir, I just emailed you!

Sir: Good Morning!

Me: I noticed I was assigned a task all the way over there…. I was wondering if that was a mistake?

Sir: No, it was not a mistake….

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