The Missing Piece

My mother read my blog about needing a cancer buddy and called me in the morning to say she had one.

I was so excited- not that the person has cancer and in this club, but excited to have someone to go through this with. It’s kind of like being pregnant together with someone else… you can compare notes.

Anywho… I reached out to the person, spilled my guts… and got a quick, “thanks,” or something to the effect. I get it, newly diagnosed, needs time. Fine.

I tell my mom I reached out and she says, have you seen her post? She apparently started a vlog and is vlogging her journey.

So, I go online, I check it out…. and I see, we are not simpatico. While I understand everyone handles things differently and all cancers are not the same…. and sometimes people have an online persona vs. “what’s real,” but I just cannot.

You see, my cancer buddy and I thought alike. Well, she was very optimistic and positive and I was the polar opposite, but our feelings about things and the way we went about them were similar. We weren’t “ra ra” but we both felt that not all cancer is the same. For example, there are some cancers where if caught early, you cut and go about your merry way. Sure, there’s chemo and radiation for a long time… but in the end, silver linings. There are others, where there is no option to remove nor cut… and therefore a higher degree of screwed with not even a glimmer of shimmer.

In any event, if someone can find me a cynical person going through cancer… I’ll be waiting.

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