This evening, hubby and my eldest were listening to Christmas music and it reminded me of my MRIs.

Rochelle, Rochelle, how did it remind you of your MRIs?

Well, during the enclosed, 45 minute MRI, we are given headphones to listen to music. Now, anyone having an MRI may listen to music- but when they’re extra long, I cannot just wing it with whatever is on Pandora. Many times I chose Frank Sinatra to listen to for he always makes me feel good. But, not every song was his happy, jovial type that I enjoyed. In fact, I did not realize that for every upbeat song he sang, there were as many depressing ones.

So, on a whim, I asked for Christmas music- always happy and upbeat. In fact, while there may be some sad holiday tunes, they never popped up during my MRIs.

From that point forward, every MRI had to have Christmas music for everyone (as the technicians controlling the machine are able to hear everything).

However, hearing it tonight, reminded me that now the ballads no longer have a happy connotation and it’s back to Sinatra.

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