Hee Hee’s An Asshowl

My daughter has her very own tiny pet. Her sweet “baby” is the love of her life. When we first got the pet, she was so happy and so relaxed- as if, finally… something of her own.

That smile didn’t last long, because hubby made one comment that would change her entire demeanor in an instant. “You better not let the dog out of your sight or an eagle will swoop down and take her.”

From that comment on, my child has been back in therapy and very anxious. Whenever anyone opens the door, she runs from her room to make sure we are all watching the pup. If we let the dog out and dare go inside for even a moment, my kid will chastise us immediately, cry in hysterics and worry once again that she can’t trust anyone.

All summer it’s, “do you have pup?” Or, “Are you with pup?”

Finally, we are nearing the start of the school year- and my child has slowly chilled out. Her biggest concern with going back to school has been the safety of her dog. Yet, as of late, she’s more willing to trust the dog will be fine… even if its outside by itself.

This evening, as my daughter was downstairs doing her laundry, she decided to let all the dogs out for their final sissy. And, since she was okay with the dog being outside with the other two, she came back inside to get the rest of her clothing.

“Little Rochelle! Don’t leave baby outside alone; she’ll get eaten by an owl!” shouted my ex husband.

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