America’s Got Talent

The other evening, my family and I were sitting in my bed and watching AGT’s golden buzzer moments. One woman came on… very gaunt, short hair and very thin, etc and she announced that she went alone to the audition.

Before she sang, she mentioned that she had cancer in her lungs, spine and liver and it had gotten real bad, but she wanted to pursue her dream of being a singer. So, she and the judges spoke about that, and then she sang while I was now fixated on where her cancer is in relations to mine.

And while I may not have known that the cancer I have …that had gone away for a few months could come back (and with a vengeance, I do know that if cancer gets to the liver… you’re gonna die soon. This upset me because if we had the same type of cancer…

Anyhow, Simon felt badly for her the more she spoke post song, pressed the golden buzzer and since she had gone solo, he’d gone on the stage to give her a hug.

Meanwhile, I’m still wondering what kind of cancer she has… since I have it in my lungs and my spine…. and why nobody went with her!

Me: (to hubby) Why is it in her liver?

Hubby: I don’t know.

Me: But it’s in her lungs and her spine… like mine, so, will mine go to my liver.

Hubby: Not if you stay ahead of it.

Me: How does one do that?

Hubby: Keep taking your medicine.

Me: But what type of cancer does she have?

Hubby: Probably breast.

…So, he turns off the television and I now spend a good 10 minutes googling: AGT and Cancer and Golden Buzzer…. and see a recent video of her where she is talking about how she has to leave the show because she is even worse.

Selfishly for me, I found out that she had breast cancer and I could sleep peacefully. …Well, as peacefully as one could sleep knowing there are ticking bombs inside my body that will eventually get me.

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