Tears For Fears

Well, I suppose when I overdid it a few days ago… I should have realized this hunk o’junk wouldn’t bounce back to normal. Exactly where the cancer is, is my pain. Had I remembered that once I trigger this amount of aggravation to that area- I would be in pain, I would have maybe done something differently.

Alas, I can’t remember anything and now I am paying the price. But while I worry about the discomfort that will be here to stay for a while, I am now faced with a new worry…

And that is, what if something happens to me while at work? I am no longer working next to my doctor/spouse who can either calm me down from the ledge or help me navigate my next steps. For instance, my medication can cause many things…. and what if I shrug things off when I shouldn’t? The list goes on…. but I’ll spare you the details.

In short, remember when you were discharged from the hospital after having your first child and the fear associated with being the one responsible… for ever? Well, I feel like the new mom.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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