Shit Storm

This morning, while on the way out the door to take my eldest to her orientation, I noticed a nice pile of dog shit and urine. Now that all three of the dogs shit the exact same size, I can no longer determine which lazy mutt couldn’t walk 5 feet further outside.

After quickly cleaning that up, I drove her and then went to work. While there, I sat in different meetings and worked in my office on files.

Next I was going home when my daughter informed me about a babysitting opportunity she was unable to fulfill. Since I had worked with the mother years ago, it was no big deal to help her and her baby.

Reminiscing with my former colleague and then watching her child, was really a bright spot in my long day- even though it was now down pouring when I left a few hours later.

Knowing that my Instacart order could not be fulfilled to my liking this morning, I decided to head to the market for a few things. After all, we were possibly going to have torrentiaal rain all day and it would be easier to get it over with.

When I was finished my shopping, I decided that waiting for the rain to stop would be ridiculous since it was just pouring, and I made the decision to run to the car with my groceries.

Thankfully, I got everything in the car and was finally on my way home when I heard a Flash Flood warning. Since my home is near a flood zone, I took the long way home and only had to circumvent two detours.

The moment I got home, hubby was on a call and “shh’d” me that he would carry the bags.

Unfortunately for me, the moment I opened the door I saw my middle child sitting on the kitchen floor… vomiting. That meant, washing the floor, helping her … and changing her sheets since she had started that prior.

*Now, I couldn’t move at all…and pushed myself to do all that I did today…. and still had to do all that I did. Hubby, has hijacked the Blue Room for the past 5 days from his stomach bug… and done nothing but rest.

The moral of this story is Don’t take detours or Don’t wake up first.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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