There is a reason I loved working from home- that I didn’t realize until today. Certainly there were numerous perks and I had a great set-up- but I loved working from home because I was able to do what I love, while sick.

For the past two days that I have been back to the stomping grounds I’ve worked at for 21 years, I realized there are so many times one can really “go home.” For example, after the birth of my children, I was able to resume working with little adjustments. Really the only difficult transition from maternity to work was having to dress nicely.

But post pandemic and 18 months out of the building- things are no longer the same. Well, I am no longer the same.

For starters, I’ve been working online without everyday essentials. If I needed a book or a marker, well, I used virtual ones. In my career, one uses paper and markers like one uses air. Yet, with no choice but to forgo those materials, I made it work- and very well, I might add.

To go back and even think about how it used to be- is overwhelming and quite frankly, unnecessary. I know we don’t live virtually and certain groups of people need things a certain way- but the future for everyone (else) is online. Kinda like Facebook, where as in the beginning not many took to it, but now everyone does.

I am not the same person mentally nor physically, who left in haste March 2020 and returned September 2021.

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