This evening I was sitting with my middle and online with customer service for Audible. For some reason, it is a confusing site and I just wanted clarification. Typically I Google help, but this evening, I opted for a professional.

After 18 minutes and counting on the phone, I decided I would wait to purchase a free trial and for the moment, just purchase the one book I wanted now.

When I hung up the phone to purchase the one online book that I wanted, I noticed the price was similar to something the woman had mentioned to me during the promo convo. However, I couldn’t remember how her version of the promo worked, yet I knew the price of the book was pretty much like the promo now.

In short, I looked to the kid next to me- my keeper of all but relative memories, and when I realized she wasn’t paying attention to what the representative had been telling me, I had to call back.

I repeat, because the information during the first conversation was deemed unnecessary to me once I had made up my mind that I was going to hold off… I was forced to call back since I immediately forgot.

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