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This evening, I noticed an unusual bag of candy on the kitchen counter. Intrigued, I casually walked over to the bag and found they were some exotic form of Skittles (or just not the normal flavor). Since I have no … Continue reading

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The OG

The rule in our family is, if it is your birthday, you get to choose any restaurant to celebrate. My youngest wanted to celebrate their birthday at the OG. Now, if you know me, you know that I don’t eat … Continue reading

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Well, like I knew, working a 14 hour day has added insult to injury. All day I stayed in bed, unable to move. You see, I know what I can and cannot do- yet, I allowed external influences to gently … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Idiots

Well, my cancer cards arrived last evening and I had them packed and ready for work! Unfortunately for me, I had just taken my cross bag off when I was on my way to a meeting. Upon the way, I … Continue reading

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The Missing Piece

My mother read my blog about needing a cancer buddy and called me in the morning to say she had one. I was so excited- not that the person has cancer and in this club, but excited to have someone … Continue reading

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This evening, hubby and my eldest were listening to Christmas music and it reminded me of my MRIs. Rochelle, Rochelle, how did it remind you of your MRIs? Well, during the enclosed, 45 minute MRI, we are given headphones to … Continue reading

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The Struggle is Real

It’s a sad day, when a fart is no longer just that. Reason number 30 how my life has changed since cancer. It’s a good thing I’m married, because my bio title would be… SJF seeking Prince Charmin.

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Cancer Buddy

My friend finally lost her battle. One year ago she called me to tell me that she was on hospice. A few weeks after that, she called to tell me she was in remission. She had a full blown miracle. … Continue reading

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Did Something Happen?

So here’s the thing, and I can understand now, why things are said. This evening during my friend’s shiva zoom, while one of her colleagues was sharing a story, she mentioned that other colleagues were shocked to hear of her … Continue reading


Shallow Hair

If you were to read on paper the following diagnosis, what would your mind’s eye see? Stage four metastatic Lung cancer; lungs, lymph nodes, bones and brain tumors. Every six weeks CT-Scans to see if the tumors spread and perhaps, … Continue reading

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