To Each His Own…SMH

I’d like to think I am a pretty easy going sick person. For example, I really don’t complain about anything. I could complain about the length of time it takes to receive a bone shot and how the arm cannot be touched or leaned against for several days- for the pain is real.

Having a Halo drilled into the four corners of my brain, being heavily medicated and put in and out of some very small head MRI type of oven- made especially for this procedure- and being on so much medication to reduce the swelling around my brain so I wouldn’t die… I still was up and cleaning that day! In fact, I still kept up with the housework and feeding the family!

Let’s talk the biopsies I’ve had on my lung and the difficulties the weeks following- all the while, not a real peep of a complaint. Add to that the biopsy on my ASS where I was wide AF awake- I really didn’t let the side, nor after effects get me down.

The medication I take, the one where I am constantly asked how I am “tolerating” it- well, I’ve handled the side effects of turning into a crippled old witch with bent fingers that won’t unbend, hunched over and shuffling to walk because it is after 8pm, pretty darn well.

Lastly, radiation and its mind blowing heat that radiates through your body as if someone is stretching it from every inch of your skin… I’ve handled that quite well too, with just a Motrin now and then.

What I am saying, is given the devastating blow to my brain- literally, that I am riddled with aggressive cancer that is growing at a rate the new medicine can’t keep up with…. even after dealing with that- I still manage to work, clean my house, food shop, run errands and live.

So Rochelle, what gives? Why are you telling us all about how you’ve had things that have happened to you, and how well you handled them?

Because hubby has been in bed- moaning, groaning and shitting for 24 hours and nobody in the house can make a sound so he can sleep.

Say Whaaa?

That’s right, my husband has a tummy ache gone bad and he has not moved from the bed for 24 hours.

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