School Supplies

I can think of a bazillion and one things that I’d rather do than shop for school supplies. For instance, I would rather…hand wash my car in 90+ degree temperature without some type of canopy to shield me from the scorching rays; walk in the rain to work without an umbrella or jacket with a hood… or perhaps, fold and iron the Duggar’s (Mormons) daily laundry. Those are just a few things I’d prefer doing off the top of my head- than shopping for supplies.

The other day, I took two of my three children’s school supply list and embarked on my journey to save money. Naturally, the only supplies I was able to purchase from the Dollar Store were pens and pencils- and the pencils still weren’t the correct pencils requested.

So, onward to Staples… where they have kiosks or free-standing shelving that have a smorgasbord of supplies all along the entrance (otherwise known as the exact location where my nervous breakdown begins). You see, I can easily view the post-it notes and pencil cases… but each teacher has their very own requirements. For example, one teacher wanted 2″ binders and a spiral bound notebook- each found in separate aisles- where one has to pass the other supplies needed- but if deviates from the order of the list, will get taken down emotionally and physically.

Meaning, not only do you have to carefully shop the items on the list exactly as written, but you have to have stamina to run around the store collecting each thing. And nothing on the list is in the order in which you’ll find it- oh no, so if I pass Sharpies knowing that I need some of those, I am already shopping rogue and will undoubtedly forget something essential like a package of four clear glue sticks- not to be confused with four purple which no teacher will ever ask for.

If all that sounds silly, try looking at two lists at the same time! It is enough to go mad! I literally have to make sure I don’t get the wrong supplies for the wrong kid- which by the way, has color preferences for each of the requirements. I could be standing in the middle of the store just looking, dazed and confused. In fact, it would be easier to look for someone’s contact lens than buying off of anyone’s supply list.

Basically what I am saying is, I miss Covid when we could all stay home and the only supplies they needed were a laptop and headphones. Europe@tlceurope

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