My spouse called my mommy and informed her that I do not always wear a helmet while bicycling.

Hubby: I’m not going to take care of her if she falls and becomes a vegetable because she hits her head while biking.

Mother: Rochelle! You have to wear it, you had radiation to the brain.

Hubby: What is your problem? Do you want me to have that burden? I’ll be done… If I get a call that you fell and are in the hospital, I’m not going.

Me: My mother is my emergency contact so don’t worry.

Mother: I cannot have something happen to you, don’t you get it? You have to protect your head!

Hubby: …I’ll just have them take you right to the Laura Ingall’s Estate with all the other vegetables and you can wheel yourself to your mother’s every day.

Mother: Oh that’s terrible, she wouldn’t wheel there, I’d pick her up.

…Meanwhile, since it was such a concern to them, I started wearing it again a few days ago. The only reason I forewent it for awhile was because my head overheated in it in the 90+ degrees.

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