Just Put It On My Tab

This evening I wanted to run to the market to pick up my seltzer. While there I remembered that one of my kids wanted Cheetos and Pretzels, and the other wanted pickles. When I returned, my children were sitting around the dinner table eating.

Me: Kids I’m home!

Hubby: Go sit down, dinner is on the table.

Me: (to Kid 1) I got your pretzels you wanted! I also got you more Cheetos.

Kid 1: Thanks! Yummm.

Me: (to Kid 2) I got you pickles!

Kid 2: Oh thanks!! I wanted those!

Me: (to Kid 1) I also got you some applesauce!

Kid 1: I’ll eat that now…

Me: (to Kid 2) I got you the lettuce wraps too… if you want them.

Kid 2: Thanks mom.

(I go and sit down, start eating)

Kid 3: (looks at me with a WTF expression) Really ma? What did you get me?

Me: Err… Well, I asked you to go with me and you didn’t.

Kid 3: They didn’t go with you.

Me: Uhh… You don’t really eat anything.

Kid 3: I eat everything! I eat more than anyone in this house.

Me: Well… sorry.

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