I just cannot catch a break. Cannot. Catch. A. Mother. Fucking. Break.

Today, my first day back since being hospitalized for no reason, I decided to get my Booster shot and bike. What you should know is, I NEVER TAKE MY WALLET. NEVER. EVER. Naturally, I had all my shit because the local pharmacy that has watched me grow up for the past 35 years needed my ID and shit for the stupid shot.

Every time…but for today, I take my Lulu purse in my basket and that contains my credit cards and insurance. Today, I emptied it all into my green make up looking bag where all of our vaccine cards and gift cards are. I actually decided to fucking separate it today, last second, before my stupid bike ride.

Additionally, I did think…. hmmm, should I move this off the passenger seat? Naw, the windows are tinted. Besides, I have been parking there lately.

There was one couple, looked elderly and they were getting ready to bike ride when I started my trails. I’m gonna guess it was them since they saw me head east and know how long the ride takes.

The sad part is, when I returned to my vehicle, I didn’t process why the glove compartment was a mess, papers on the seat that I did not take out, and the console part was up. I looked at the situation and was going to start driving- because I am slow these days, when I saw the window open. Smashed. To. Pieces.

After 30 minutes, the police officer finally arrived to say, “yeah, nothing we can do.”

I just want to add, I did not need the extra aggravation of having to cancel three credit cards, get replacement licenses … insurance cards and vaccine cards.

Yes, this is my fault for leaving my stuff in the locked car. I know I am just wrong here- lesson learned.

But really… why does it feel like the universe is ready to rid itself of me?

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mom of 3
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