When I called hubby from the hospital to inform him what the doctors were looking for, he was on speaker phone while my son was nearby. …Therefore, the acronym.

Me: Hi

Hubby: Hi, what’s going on?

Me: Well, the doctors are doing a CT Scan to look for a BC.

Hubby: (laughs) That’s so silly, of course you don’t have that but ok…. if they want to look.

Mother: Do you know what BC is?

Hubby: Of course I do.

Me: What does the B stand for?

Hubby: Breast.

Me: That’s not what they’re looking for.

Mother: What else could the B be?

Hubby: (whispers) Brain cancer.


Mother: SIL, blood….

Hubby: Ohh. Blood clot, that makes more sense.

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