My son and I LOVE to watch TLC! Since our 90 Day Fiancee is finished for the summer, as is My 600 lb Life and 1000 lb Sisters, we decided to catch up on sMothered. If you aren’t familiar with this show, it is a must see.

Anyhow, we were getting to a great episode when hubby asked us to turn off the TV since it was 10:30 pm. Both of us just couldn’t wait to find out what was happening with our favorite characters so I decided to download the Discovery+ app and gave him my left Air Pod and I took the right.

*Please note: I could not get my iPad to “fast forward,” for some reason- no matter how hard I tried….that is, when I remembered he had the other Air Pod.

You see, one of the scenes we had to watch was Sun-he and Angelica. This mother is a nightmare of a mother and we wanted to see what was going to happen at Jason’s (the fiancee) house.

Unfortunately, it went from Sun-he to Cher to a new mother/daughter scene and then to the new mother/daughter duo in a flash. ….

Cher: Mommy, I really want to stay with Belle a few more weeks in Florida.

Dawn: You just have to have really good sex. It’s so important that you give him really good sex, dress in your lingerie, use some toys and then when he’s feeling really good, ask him. You’ll have him in the palm of your hands.

Son: Wow mom! Just have sex with dad and you can have him in the palm of your hands.

Me: (fuck.fuck.fuck.) (trying to fast forward)

(next scene: daughter on bed, leg’s open but blurred, mom’s holding a pink looking dildo)

Mom: I could use this if you’d like; it’s really big though.

Daughter: I’m a lesbian and want to keep a penis out of this scenario

Mom: Have you have had one like this inside you before?

Daughter: Eww mom, no. Gross. Never.

Mom: Fine, we’ll use this. Now keep your legs like that for 30 minutes.

Daughter: Swim fast babies!

Mom: Swim babies swim!

Son: 30 minutes is a long time.

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