Last week, I could only think about going to my favorite restaurant! All week I kept saying, “we’re gonna celebrate your birthday,” to hubby. All. Week.

Hubby’s birthday was on a Thursday- and we went out to dinner with the kids. It was a great dinner, but for some reason, I kept saying, “I can’t wait til Vge!”

All day, it was, I’m so excited…. hurry up….. we better go now so we won’t be late.

Sat in traffic for forever, but hubby dropped me off at the restaurant so we wouldn’t lose our table, after all, we were 30 minutes late.

Host/Hostess: Good evening and welcome to Vge!

Me: Hi, we were stuck in traffic; the name is Rabinowitz.

Host: Is there another name it could be under?

Me: Rochelle, Rochelle?

Host: Are you sure its for this evening?

It was at this moment, that I began to sweat. Was it for tonight?

Immediately I started to look through my emails for the reservation confirmation, when I see this:

Host: That’s it! Can I just take a look at your phone to confirm?

Me: Uhh….

Host: That is for Next Saturday, and I’m afraid we’re booked to capacity for the evening. You’re welcome to sit at the bar.

Now, I would have been fine at the bar, but the hostess who’d be standing there and saw the look of confusion/desperation/sadness on my face, told me she would seat me and to follow her.

Ten minutes later, hubby came and sat down at the table.

Me: Did I say our reservation was for tonight or tomorrow night?

Hubby: I didn’t have it on my calendar. I have next Saturday though. Look at the Resy app and see when we were supposed to be here.

So, I look and low and behold, our reservation was for the 7th and 13th. Not sure how I got it in my head that it was Friday night… it was not on my calendar for either.

Needless to say, the doctor gave me a wonderful report on my brain tumors- which I now call, bullshit.

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