Responsibility Overload

Hubby is away. Normally, this wouldn’t be a blink in my routine, but ever since Gamma- I need all everything on deck. In fact, I need “less” responsibility and not more.

For example, Cujo needs to be on anti-seizure medication every 12 hours. If I don’t give it to her, my house will turn into a fish market at around 1am- because she’ll have urinated on herself and let out this aroma akin to a skunk- only fishier.

Fortunately for all, I believe she was seizure free despite my middle waking me up to a frenetic dog. Since I smelled nothing… I cannot confirm or deny her accusation.

Nonetheless, today my child had a tele health appointment that took WEEKS to schedule. I had a reminder last night and confirmed it for today, had my calendar and my daughter’s, alerted and alarmed to warn us, both one hour before and at the time of the event.

We missed the appointment. In spite of my reminders, I did not walk around with my phone. I was nowhere near my phone and was so busy disrobing my jewelry from all metals that I did not even have on a watch. Anyway, I shouldn’t have to be tied to phone all day and I’d already completely forgotten of any commitments we’d had.

Me: (to daughter) I can’t believe you didn’t remind me you had an appointment!

Kid: Are you kidding me?

Me: No! I sent you all those calendar invites! You didn’t hear the alarm??

Kid: I’m not allowed to have my phone before 2pm!

Me: (forgot) Well, we need a better system!

Kid: (silence)

Me: And I told you last night too! You have to remember! I cannot be responsible! It’s just too much! It’s too much!

Kid: So you want me to schedule and remind myself of my mental health zoom calls plus refill my own anti anxiety medication at age 13, the age I only recently turned??

Me: Yes, that would be very helpful. It’s just too much for me.

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