Oh Boy

This evening, when I was taken back to get changed for my MRI, the nurse in charge rattled off many, many things for me to do. It went something like this: “everything but your underwear and shoes; gown open in the front.”

When he said this, I must have had this deer in headlights look because he repeated the directions one more time. “Everything off but your underwear and shoes; gown open in the front; there’s a tie in the back. Okay?

Once again, I stood contemplating him a moment too long and then replied, yep.

“When you’re all done, there’s a bag here for your clothes and the lockers across the way.”

Needless to say, I took everything off that had to come off… opened the new gown, and forgot which way. I’d known that for radiation the gown is open in the back. I decided that was the way to go until I went into the hall to put my belongings in the locker and saw another woman with the gown on the normal way.

When I saw the nurse, I looked at him, he looked at me, and I went back into the changing room to fix it.

I’d say that was a very bad omen.

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