The Early Bird Gypped

This evening I was making dinner for my children. I began by placing ramekins filled with all sorts of fruits: kiwi, blueberries, bananas, grapes, strawberries and plums. I also sliced cucumbers for anyone who wanted something different.

Next, I made one Impossible Burger and Morning Star Farms Grillers’ Crumbles. The MSFGC were for my two eldest who need to eat protein but dislike the IB.

Thinking of my eldest who is having horrific acid reflux, I grabbed a box of elbow noodles and made a small amount. I’d remembered a recipe a friend in college had- using cottage cheese in lieu of sauce.

There were enough plain noodles left for one and a half kids, so I chose my youngest‘s food preferences, and added butter to his portion.

The little left over would not have been suffice for my middle child- who happened to be the first one down when I called everyone for dinner. In my mind, I had the leftover broccoli (which I’d tasted to confirm it was still tasty, albeit soggy), leftover corn on the cob and new potato puffs.

As the other two began eating, I had secretly taken the container of day old pasta from the refrigerator and ran them under hot water. Quickly, I added them to the pot that contained the sad remainder of the elbow noodles, and stirred in her sauce.

Me: (places DON in front of middle child and quickly turn away)

Kid: Really? Really mom? I was here first and you give those two fresh noodles and me, your middle child the old ones? Is it even my sauce??

Me: (still won’t look her in the eye) I didn’t think you were going to have noodles.

Kid: Really? Really mom? You didn’t think I’d also want noodles? That’s just great!

Me: (holding my Impossible Burger with mustard in tow): I made you Impossible Burger. Here…(I sit down in my spot with it)

Kid: You know I don’t eat that, nor do I use mustard.

Me: (eating it) Shame, cause, it’s really good.

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