So Excited Part 2

Tomorrow, I get to wake up and have anxiety all day until my evening brain MRI. Forget the brain aspect for one moment- the MRI is what I am least looking forward to. Well, wait a minute, I am least looking forward to knowing (and getting alerts) that my results will be in my patient portal before I even get home and most definitely not looking forward to the results the following day. But for now, the MRI is what’s causing the sweat under my mammaries. (Well, that and their massive size due to me no longer on Keto awaiting chemo faux pas.)

Yes, I get to sit all day long- not sit, go through the daily song and dance of what to feed my kids and if they’ll poo poo it, knowing what fate awaits me. The narrow, closed tube that shakes, rattles and rolls to the mechanical tune of what sounds like many welders welding at once.

Now, I will have ear plugs and headphones to listen to music- because afterall, nothing comforts my claustrophobia like some Pandora.

….Oh, plus my toolbox of medication to relax me.


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