Thank You Cancer

The other day hubby and I went to Hershey Park with our youngest. I knew my child had wanted to go on all the rides prior to our arrival. I also knew from my oncologist, that I should not go on anything that would “jostle” my body. Lastly, I knew that my big, baby husband would never go on those rides.

While the two of them were in massive lines for over 45 min. just to ride the acceptable rides (the toddler attractions), I was doing online research to find ways to maximize our time at the park. Instantly, I saw our chance to avoid the fast pass prices! Unfortunately for me, I knew I had a long journey to Guest Services.

After 25 minutes, I arrived back where I’d left my two men, in an electric wheelchair. That’s right- a scooter. Before you get too excited, I could have walked faster than the chair, but half-way to GS which was so far away from where I’d been, my legs started to give. I have a hard time walking distances- and I knew we’d only just gotten to the park. If they had a bike, I could ride for miles. But for some reason when I walk and my hips move, it aggravates the C.

The chair was not what I’d gone to GS for- that, was an added bonus for all of us- since we took turns strolling through the park. The best part of my journey through the park was getting my handicap pass. Thanks to one of my oncologists who ordered me a handicap placard for my car, I was able to also use that as a “fast pass” through all the rides.

So, when we went to my son’s first real ride, there was no wait.

Hubby and I figured we saved hours thanks to my illness and my doctor- who knew that one day, my walking would become an issue.

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