Realistic Camper Packing List For Boys

After unpacking my child’s duffle bags from his first session of camp, I noticed several disheartening things. For one thing, 90% of his clothing was packed just as I had folded them. How do I know they didn’t refold them? Glad you thought to ask… they were still GAP styled with the fabric softener in between.

Additionally, bottles of lotion and shampoos were still taped shut- even though I received a letter stating he was “all out.”

So here is my suggested list for the boys side- and I bet it would be just fine…

8 shirts

8 shorts

3 swim shorts

10 underwear

100 socks

*5 bottles of the following… toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, suntan lotion

  • items they wouldn’t think to inquire about nor look for if missing

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mom of 3
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