3 Stooges

The other day at the dinner table, my kids noticed that I had a half full glass of water at my spot. Now, I noticed one of my kids’ glare and thought, oh I know she had her big bottle at camp. I looked at the other child and thought, this one drinks water bottles all day long.

Kid 1: (looking at my cup) What’s that?

Me: (realizing she also saw the cupboard bare) The dishwasher is clean.. well, it’s clean now.

Kid 1: I said you should run the dishwasher at nighttime so they’re ready in the morning.

Hubby: They were ran last night.

Me: They weren’t clean so I ran them again.

Hubby: Really, Rochelle! That’s a 3 hour cycle you washed them again?!

Kid 2: Well I’ve had nothing to drink all day!

Kid 1 / Me: (together) Me neither!

Kid 1: There were no cups in the cabinet and I haven’t drank since camp!

Me: And there were no red cups anywhere so I didn’t drink at all!

Kid 2: We’re out of water bottles, I haven’t drank all day.

Hubby: You should have asked me for the cups!

Kid 2: I’m so thirsty!

Hubby: You do know, one shelf above, those things can also hold liquid.

And just like that, I realized something special about my girls… like their mother, drinking water from a mug did not even register as an option.

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